Sevens & Classics Crowned 2017 TDC Champions! – Round 7

October 28, 2017 8:59 pm Published by

Well it’s all over. Last weekend claimed many victims across multiple grids, and ours included. After a strong early part of qualifying Simon Clarke’s (Black Porsche) hopes of glory faded when devastatingly his clutch gave out… this guaranteed us the Class A title if we finished in the points, and left the race for the title between us and Darren Goes of Mangoes Racing.


We qualified 4th on the grid alongside our championship rival in 3rd, only to find that our engine woes had returned. We lost some 2L of coolant in 30 minutes of qualifying which planted serious doubts about whether we could make a race distance. It clear we wouldn’t be racing for the win, but we didn’t need too. 


As the lights went out we had a strong start following the leader away from the chasing pack. Watching Darren storm off into the lead of the race, we settled into our 5th place recovery position and started counting down the laps.

By the half way driver change things looked bleak.

Coolant was escaping quickly and even the most careful driving was barely keeping the temperature down.


With just 10 minutes to go, the unthinkable happened. Darren’s car (Green Seat) suffered a mechanical failure at the fastest part of the circuit, sending him headlong into the Aramco. Fortunately Darren was OK but his title race was now in major jeopardy. Should we finish 5th or higher we would take the Championship win!

After a painstaking 45 minutes our Frugal Racing (Sevens & Classics) Caterham limped home in 4th position, unbelievably claiming us not just the Class A title, but full championship with it!

Once and for all proving that even little Caterham’s are the ultimate track day cars!

A huge thank you to our sponsors! Without whom this would not have been possible. And an equally huge thank you to our wives, family, friends and customers for the enormous support they have given all season!