Sevens & Classics at Donington Park – Round 1

April 28, 2017 1:19 pm Published by

Donington park was the opening round of our 2017 season and our first real test of how competitive our new Caterham would be. The result was plain for all to see and shows just how fast Sevens are compared to other high performance cars.

Our weekend however was riddled with electrical gremlins.

Qualifying was ended for us after just 3 laps thanks to a loose connection on our coil pack.

This left us knowing we would have a mountain to climb from 23rd on the grid.

To challenge us slightly further, It also transpired that at some point around those 3 laps one of our rear anti-roll bar drop links decided it had had enough of racing, and was going to seek a new life somewhere in the Donington surround.

Thanks to an ingenious idea and some great craftsmanship from Ben Simonds we managed to reattach our rear anti-roll bar just in time.

This however was not the end, there was another test to come. Our problems intensified when just 10 minutes before being taken to the collection area it became alarmingly apparent that our alternator had failed and the battery was now flat!

There was nothing for it but charge the battery via jump leads for every moment we could, and hope the car would make it to the end.

Our first stint went well, a good start got us up to 9th but stuck behind 2 Porsche’s who were just too fast in a straight line to clear. Our little Supersport definitely has the pace over a lap to leave both the 944 and Boxter S behind us, but without the straight line speed it was impossible to clear them and remain ahead by the end of the long straights.


A fantastic pit stop from our team managers got us out ahead of the 2 German sports cars, and a safety car just after our stop offered us a great chance by bunching up the field and bringing us right onto the rear of our next competition.

Sadly however it was not to be, our battery managed just 2 laps from the restart and brought our first round endeavors to an end.

Still there was plenty of good to take away with us. The car showed great promise and more importantly the teams first full round together proved to be a great success! Despite the challenging circumstances.

A special thanks to our excellent team and our sponsors: Full Circle Enterprises and Sevens & Classics LTD

The next round is being held at Snetterton in Norfolk on the 14th of May.

Full footage can be seen on the Frugal Racing Facebook page: