Sevens & Classics at Rockingham Speedway – Round 4

July 5, 2017 11:18 am Published by

  We came into this weekend with the intention of improving our championship standing, and we did. The day proved to be a roller coaster ride from the start. Quite unusually we had an hours testing in the morning, a session which proved vital. After only 3 laps our car developed a fuel leak and after one warning was removed from the session. Although this problem proved to be simple to resolve it brought to light an underlying issue with the new wheels we running which we did not have time to resolve before qualifying.

Resorting to the old wheel and tyre set up for qualifying we closed out the session with our first ever front row start just 0.120 behind Darren Goes in the Mangoes Racing Seat Super Cupra Cup Car.

Thanks to help from our friend Mike Marais from Widgat Racing, who suffered a mechanical failure in qualifying, we were able to run our new wider wheels and tyres for the race and the game was afoot.

Ben started, taking the lead with an excellent launch, only to be swamped by the front 2 rows by the time he reached the braking zone for turn 2. What ensued was a 20 minute battle for the lead of the race between Darren (Mangoes Racing), Simon (Clarke Racing) and Ben who were changing places on a lap by lap basis.

Simon blinked first taking his pitstop early, followed by Darren 1 lap later and Ben 1 lap after that. Callum took the reigns from the stop and rejoined the race directly between the Seat and Porsche who all turned into the Dean hairpin nose astern.

Unfortunately for the spectators Darren in the Seat was given a drive through penalty for a pit stop infringement and Simon in the Porsche was badly held up by a back marker separating the 3. Fortunately for Furgal Racing this left us in front and out of danger allowing us to stretch our legs on the tight and twisty infield to eventually win our first outright race by a healthy 25 second margin.

For the first time we have proven just how effective the little Caterham can be with a solid and well organised team behind it.

A massive thank you to the team of Tatiana and Hazel for their undying support and of course to our sponsors Full Circle Enterprises and Sevens & Classics LTD. But an extra special thank you is given to Mike of Widgat racing, without whom we would have almost certainly not have had the machinery to have won.


Following this success we now enter the summer break in 3rd position overall in the championship just 8 point behind the leader.

The next round is on the 26th of August at Snetterton in Norfolk on the highly successful 300 circuit for the 5th round of the season. Updates will come from there.